Hi Lach,

I think you’ve touched on something really important: We need to find a balance between setting the direction of our life based on our core values and beliefs while also contributing part of ourselves back to the global community (i.e., self-less service). We need to find our own path, but we also should not simply ignore everybody else.

I think that blogging really contributes to finding that balance. We can direct our lives, improve ourselves, and create experiences that help us grow, and using the Internet we can simultaneously share that knowledge, insight, and the overall journey with everyone else.

While it’s not a good idea to set the direction of our lives solely based on what other people need or want, we do need to remember that our life is linked to theirs whether we like it or not. In some small way, their pain is our pain; their suffering is our suffering. We should craft our journey based on our unique potential while keeping in mind how that potential can contribute to the global community.