Hi Raam!

“There comes a time when we need to stop thinking and start doing.” (A reality and an inspiring phrase to begin my week! :))

One thing that I know, it’s that all that we need is to move forward with our actions – which will define if we’re starting doing the right things, or if we’re returning to the past with the same actions that we don’t need at present.
It’s difficult, when we just walk in the same direction and as a result what we have? A meaningless life, just for have taken the same negative action.
I always try to live with the reality in my life and I can’t hide of it, because I would feel lost. As human being, I have my own cages, but it’s my decision to change my final result, for good or for bad. My reality is that I have two directions and one of them is the right one. I decide to live in or to live out of those cages.

Thank you Raam!