Raam, I liked the cage analogy. Animals get put into cages, we as human beings put ourselves into cages(most of the time we don’t realize it). Why are so many people, once they get their dream house and furnish it just the way they want it, still miserable. Why is it when after we buy all the “toys” that we think will make us happy, we keep searching for more and more…thinking that next thing will make me happy. The truth is (and I know that you already know this), we’ll never find that dream house or that toy that will bring fulfillment and true happiness to our lives(we’re in our self-designed cage). The reason why I know that you knew that is that you saw that, and broke free from your cage(and so did I). you sold your houses and stuff and walked away from that deception. It’s freedom, but it’s not that stuff and houses that are evil, but seemingly in most cases we become possessed by our possessions. But there’s hope…how did that squirrel get out of that cage? He was let out by someone who was a friend to him. We need others to help us out of our cages, we can’t get ourselves out no matter how hard we try. I had many friends help me and I’m sure you had a few help you as well. I’m grateful for our friendship Raam, I need friends in my life.