I doubt any squirrel could pick a lock with a credit card. Unless it was a racoon, those robbers get pretty creative.

I found that, as a blogger, a lot of the time we comment on people’s pages to get “traffic” over to our sites. That method is pretty terrible. Yet, it becomes routine and here we are day in and day out trying to comment on as much blogs as possible in hopes to find someone interested in us.

I’m not saying that that’s what I’m doing here, I’m writing a comment because I like what you said and I want to put my two cents on what you just said. I’m saying it’s routine and habit to do these things, and it’s hard to stop. I know I should be building a deeper relationship with bloggers, but because I’m so use to mindlessly kissing everyone’s blog even if they don’t deserve it that sooner or later, if I continue to do this, I won’t be successful in getting anything done.