Always been a “Why” girl. It is very meta at times–I asked “Why do I ask so many Why? questions in the morning, particularly?” today. 🙂

The answer? Sleep is the thing which powers reorganizing & processing capabilities leading to renewed curiosity with the new neural network.

It was very surreal watching my Twitter stream evenly divide between c/Curiosity tweets & normal business/marketing tweets this weekend. It makes you realize how very little really matters…but you’ve experienced that already, many dozens of times over. 🙂

There’s definitely quite a bit broken in our systems of interrelating & exchanging ideas. A lot of pride & territorial machismo where sharing is considered weak or socialist. If you’ve ever read “Space & Dust” by Asimov, there’s a section in there that talks about psycho probing out anxiety, only he didn’t realize how deeply the anxiety ran in Earthmen & wiped almost all of his memories.

How do we convince our brains that there IS nothing to fear if we “only” take our fair share? Creating a foundation of physical & emotional safety in the most power hungry might do more to right inequalities than #OWS.

In which culture(s) are men encouraged to be less stalwart warriors & more cooperative in the presence of the opposite sex & same? If one exists, what model are they using, & how could we begin teaching it many times over?

I’d rather not choke my questions, but I’ll kindly stop them in this reply. Yeah. That WAS a really bad pun based on your title. 😀