Hi Raam,

This is my first comment here on your blog. I came across your blog through Always Well Within when Sandra linked to your article on Voting for Poverty. It’s not everyday that I come across such an article that leaves such a profound impact on me.

Anyway, I believe that we create our own purpose and meaning here in life. It could be some work that only our unique talents and abilities can fulfil. Or it could be protecting and providing for the people we love. In this, my thoughts have been largely shaped by Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. But when I compare what he suggests against my own experiences, I find that our conclusions are the same. To have meaning and purpose in life, we have to live for a greater goal than ourselves. Living for ourselves is very unfulfilling. But if we live for the sake of our loved ones or to better the world through our unique efforts, then life becomes more fulfilling that way. It is with the motivation that we will have the will to unleash our fullest potential.

And as you rightly point out, even if we do not realize our vision in our lifetime, we will never regret the effort we put into achieving our purpose. This is especially so if it is rooted in love.

Thank you for sharing this article! 🙂

Irving the Vizier