Hi Natalie,

I agree that love is a powerful word and that it’s often thrown around as if it has no weight. I very, very rarely use the word in person because it means something sacred to me, something that cannot even be described with words and shouldn’t be thrown around.

However, I think there is also something that binds us all together. Something that connects us and makes us human. Something that causes us to feel empathy towards total strangers. For lack of a better word, I use love to describe that “thing”.

When you’re passionate about travel, you’re expressing love towards it. When you’re passionate about life, you’re expressing a love for life. In the same way, I feel that we need to recognize and embrace the love for humanity (and the love for life) that exists within each of us. By ignoring those things and focusing only on ourselves and the next simple pleasure, we end up making choices that harm others (and in the end, harm ourselves, since we’re all part of the same thing).

I agree that we sometimes place too much emphasis on social connections. For some of us, other connections can and do bring more meaning to our lives. Spending days alone in a forest connecting with nature, for example, feels more purposeful to me than spending one hour in a social setting meeting strangers. I don’t think that means social connections have no meaning for me… I think it just means that I process energy differently than someone who loves talking to strangers.