It’s hard to truly say because so much of life is subjective to the person living it.

For example: I’d absolutely love to just slip away and hop from music festival to music festival.

I always get the comment that that’s not truly living but who are they to say that it doesn’t fulfill a very important part of my own being: music, connection & mental freedom.

I do want to help others to the best of my ability, don’t get me wrong.

For as much people tell others how to live free, they’re often the first to say how not to live it when you speak your mind.

Raam, I think you’re doing an amazing job at making an impact even if you feel at times that what you’re doing doesn’t seem like “what’s expected of you”.

Having children, getting married, etc etc. It’s the dream of others – it may not be yours. It may not be mine. It may not be others that come to this blog.

We’ve been given this opportunity to craft the life we want and despite our actions (good or bad), it’s astonishing that we have the ability to do so.

I think of all the infinite improbableness that I wouldn’t be here today; the sheer magnitude of randomness of how I got here – I don’t want others to mold my life – it’s my own.

So in all, it’s how we make it. It’s finding our own selves; not the image set before us by others.