Dear Raam,

I was so grateful that you posed this question, because it really got me thinking as well, and I’m even happier that you now explained what prompted it! That is just one of the many things that is so awesome about you…it’s not like you were just throwing a question out there to get other people thinking, or just for something to do. Everything you do and write comes from a much deeper place within you, because you are truly contemplating and striving to connect with the world. (I’m so with you there!!)

I was surprised at how quickly my response came to mind when you asked the question…It was something I hadn’t quite articulated up to that point, but there it was inside me, just waiting for someone to draw it out! It’s so incredible that you chose to put these two thoughts together…you’re absolutely right! Reading my words again, I feel how well they still resonate deep within me, but there’s definitely an important element missing…love. Thank you so much for making and sharing this connection!

It always amazes me how much I resonate with your writing, your way of thinking, and your desire to be and contribute more. After nearly everything you write, I find myself thinking, “Yes, that’s exactly it! I so feel the same way!” However, you’re much better at articulating your thoughts than I am! You are able to write in a way that truly connects and resonates with so many people. I know it’s a gift of yours, but I have to hope its from years of practice as well…because I hope to be able to do the same with my writing. 😉

This past weekend, a friend and I met to have coffee, catch up, and just share our theories and ideas about the world, because that’s what we really love to do when we get together. Our brief coffee chat turned into a nearly 5 hour conversation. I’m telling you this because there are so many things we discussed that I think would really resonate with you too, and that I would love to get your take on. One of these days, we really need to get together to share ideas over some coffee (cus it’s one of my favorite things to do)…whether in Boston, India, or who knows where, it’s got to happen! 🙂

Beautiful, lovely words shared here…so appropriate for today! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!