I believe that purpose in life is different for each person, and that it is a different purpose at different times for each person.

Sounds like a tongue twister.

What I mean is that every moment in life is important.
I have a daughter, so part of my purpose is to teach and encourage her each day- hopefully I will instill important values into her life, that will help her as she grows up.
I have a partner, so part of my purpose is to love and support her each day, and to be there in happy and sad times.
If someone needs a helping hand then my purpose is to offer them that help.
If someone needs to vent their frustrations then my purpose might be to just listen at that moment. Or it might be to offer advice.

If we are acting out of love for others, then we find purpose in every day and every moment.

Thanks Raam for your articles that make me think more deeply about what matters most in life….