Hi Murray,

I struggle all the time with that sense of selfishness for following my interests, interests that appear to benefit nobody but myself. However, I feel the key is in balancing the two: We should immerse ourselves in those things that drive us (for you it’s probably music festivals, for me it’s travel, technology, fitness, and nature), but we should also turn around and spend a portion of our time contributing back to the world (perhaps you’d become a leading voice on how music creates social connections and why music festivals are an important part of culture).

If we follow our passions, no matter how individualistic they may be, but also aim to share and contribute back to the planetary community, then we will always end up doing good. Contributing back to the planetary community can mean so many things, but it all comes down to one thing: Love. If we love the planet and the people who inhabit it, then we will feel compelled and enthusiastic to share what we know and experience. We will want to use our new skills and experiences to give back.

Think about children: No matter how trivial a discovery or how little use it will be to adults, children get excited and want to share those discoveries with everybody around them. They don’t care if there’s nothing in the sharing for them… it just makes sense to share the experience… to share the passion.