Hi Adrienne,

Like you, I have always felt this strong urge to strive for my highest potential. But at the same time, I question what I will do with all that potential. If I learn lots of science, invent new machines, learn how to create communities through a digital medium, and travel all over the world learning about new places and new cultures, what will be the point of it all?

I think that line of thought stems from a constant awareness of my own mortality. I’ve been asking the question, “What’s the point of life if we all die?”, since I was five years old. And I still can’t shake it. I’m going to be gone. This thing that everybody knows as me will be gone. I will no longer exist in this form and everything I’ve done, everything I’ve created, everything I’ve learned, all of it will disappear into time.

So what’s the point of striving for my highest potential?

Then I realize that I may die, but life will continue. A five year old somewhere in the world is asking the same question I did when I was his age, and he will still be alive after I’m gone. And so the cycle continues. Change, the universal constant, ensures that while things come and go, there is always a reason to live right now.

And that’s the train of thought that leads me back to feeling that the purpose of life is twofold, to strive for our highest potential and to give that back to the world, and the people, that will be here after we’re long gone.

It’s really incredible that you and Gena just so happened to reply to my original question with answers that helped me combine those two trains of thought so nicely. That’s the beauty and the power of the Internet. 🙂