Thank you for allowing me to begin to know you. I, like so many others am on a never ending quest, always searching for purpose, or shall I say purposes.

I traveled internationally last year (I am 53 years young, first time outside the US) 15 countries, 4 new and beautiful continents. I understand and can relate with your words, thank you for helping me clarify and come to terms with some of my own thoughts. “Homesick in a Strange and Privileged Land”

I have one central purpose that is changeless; it is my contribution to Global Peace. We’re all connected in some unidentifiable way. Anything we do that antagonizes and frustrates another human being reduces oneness and creates separation. I use the following two thoughts all the time: “Be kind, and give up your need to be right” & “I can choose peace rather than this”. If this paragraph changes one person actions, even one time… :o)

I am being very thoughtful about using your sacred word, so I use it from the core of my spirit: I love being of service and being a source of inspiration to other human beings. This is another purpose of mine. When I receive notes or words like these, my heart sings:
“Your trip really inspired me to get started on everything I’ve been doing for the last year…sometimes I think about where I am and what’s been happening for the last 12 months and I remember having that conversation with you while we were hiking in the Domelands. That’s when I really decided I had to go for it. I’m now well into the career change and am in month five of doing international volunteer work; it’s been a great move.”

It is a pleasure sharing this planet with you.