Two things popped out at me as I read your post. First, I liked seeing your possible interest in having children. I didn’t place that as a priority in my life until fairly recently because I was busy pursuing hobbies, traveling, finding my niche work-wise, etc., until one day I found out I was pregnant when I was 33. (Actually, it was a very welcome surprise). I am SO GLAD I had children. They constantly make you evaluate your actions and beliefs. They show you a view of the world that is so pure, so sweet. And the love you feel for your children is truly like no other. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to feel that kind of love in this short life.
However, recognizing that we are all brothers and sisters gives us the power to love other people and other people’s children, too.
Also, the part about one’s potential– each of us needs to find what that unique spark is that we can give to others and then find ways to live and work so that we share that potential, that gift to humanity.
Your post reminds me to be more open to others and to share what I can with them. It’s easy for me to live in a vacuum of my own busy-ness aqd to forget about my life’s larger purpose on this planet. Thank you!