Love is purpose, and the purpose is love.
Believe it or not I thought of these words as I began ironing my son’s jumper early this morning. They have stuck with me throughout the day and so I’ve googled the words to see if similar utterances have been made in online discourse. Hence finding this blog.

Those words may seem a little simplistic in describing our human existence. But to me they get to the crux of everything we live for – whether in work, sport or human relationships. I feel this is especailly true for adults as we reach a time of questioning and limbo in our lives. For children and young adults these thoughts of Love and Purpose don’t have the same relevance as their dreams and aspirations are still alive and to be sought out. As we all get on years it is that which we love which drives us and provides with purpose in what can be a soul sapping existence with no easy answers.

I will ponder further no doubt..