Sometimes I think your reports get almost too analytical but then I think of how they’ve subliminally helped me immensely with my own tracking.

I remember the first time coming here and saying “holy crap, this guy goes down to the detail! That’s crazy!”

But now I find myself pouring over my statements and trying to see where my money is being suckled away.

Just recently, I found out that a check bounced from someone so I somehow got the feel. A few months back, I wouldn’t have cared about the $15 loss but I’m totally giving them a call tomorrow and getting that back.

I love the responsibility of it all now – I’m in my new apartment, holding my job and trying to build a business – every little thing counts and knowing that you have to work harder for the bigger wins makes it that much more amazing.

That’s great that you’re able to do so much freelance work – maybe you could figure up convincing your work that you don’t really need to come in which would save a bit of money.

Btw, when you’re in FL, if you’re in central, definitely go to Rock Springs sometime – it’s amazingly relaxing and fun.