Hi Raam,
I’m answering following the last email you sent.
I believe putting a price on creation is important at some point. The price can be something else than money but I guess we are talking money here.
Being cheap is definitely not a good choice. You don’t want to appeal to masses but to have dedicated readers (customers).
So what if they can’t afford? I suppose you can have different ranges of price corresponding to different grades of work in return. Or adopt a pay what you want rule with a minimum limit. Or also have a contact form for special readers who can’t afford and with who you might have a ‘special deal’.

It makes me think of Apple computers. They are pricy. More than what they really should cost (even if we count all the R&D, etc…) What we pay when we buy an Apple computer is a membership to the club of cool people (‘m sorry to put it in these words but this is kind of true). And did you notice how many people have MacBooks now? Students, artists, etc… People who don’t have a lot of money, but they find a way to have enough of it.

In the end I’m sure you want to have a different approach than Apple. How can we be fair and don’t try to manipulate people and stealing their money? Just do what you would like to see as a customer. Everybody is different anyway but your readers probably have the same values as you have.