Thank you, Sandra!

I think it’s about clarity and focus more than frequency: We can certainly hold our readers attention publishing every day if what we’re publishing comes across crystal clear and provides consistant value.

Seth Godin publishes every day, but when people read his stuff they really read it. And they come back because he consistently proves that A) he knows what he’s talking about, and B) he’s focused so intently on a specific topic that his readers consistently get value from what he writes.

Having that type of clarity takes focus and practice, lots and lots of practice. And I believe that practice should mostly be done in private, ruminating and writing for ourselves to gain clarity of thought.

Only then, when we feel ready to share (or when we determine we need to hear what others think to help solidify our thoughts), should we then take our thoughts public.

If our goal is attention, then it really doesn’t matter how clear our thoughts are. As long as we publish something half-way decent, we’ll get people’s attention (humans are naturally curious).

But if our goal is to grow and share our discoveries with others, we should take however much time is necessary to fully explore.