Hey Raam –

I am doing this exact thing with my new project Pause & Ponder (http://pauseandponder.com)

Key Points of P&P:
-Only a few sentences
-Design that doesn’t scream, but welcomes while not just being white a la your site and ZH (sorry…I like some design…still simple though)
-Comments only allowed via Google Plus (zero moderating on my side.
-Plus most of the points you mention here.

Feedback so far is great and visits are jumping quickly. Only been live for 8 days and is amazing.

How I run Pause & Ponder:
-Use OmmWriter on Mac w/ headphones
-Write/Edit (10 Minutes)
-Post to WordPress (3 minutes)
-Move on

In less than 15 minutes per day, I am able to share thoughts, ideas and beliefs in quality content that doesn’t require scrolling.

Anyways, that’s my long winded way of saying I enjoy your post and practice what you preach.

David Damron