Hey Jeanie,

I hear you on the “endless digital waves”. I think how we individually process and share things determines how well we’ll be able to harness the power of those waves.

If you discover that you really need the offline, face-to-face connection to maintain your strength and connection with reality, then you should definitely cultivate offline connections and figure out how the online world can compliment that.

I, for example, have absolutely no trouble ignoring “what’s popular” or keeping my head above water in the sea of information and chatter. But that’s because I process communication, connection, and information differently than you do. 🙂

What’s most important, I feel, is that we recognize our strengths and weaknesses and maintain focus on the direction we want to go (something that I’m constantly working on).

Without knowing our direction, we’ll say more than we need to, do more than we need to, and end up in all the wrong places without getting anywhere.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. 🙂