Hi and thank you for this post. While I don’t publish writings, I have been teaching yoga for 15 years, a different kind of communication. And the “say less” approach is something I’ve been working on for several years now.

I’ve always felt that while I need to communicate the teachings, if I can use less words and allow everyone to drop into that place of stillness then the magic happens. They will “get it” more if I don’t constantly adjust or cue, etc.

I guide people into the poses and we hang out, breathing, and I do my best to “get out of the way” for a minute. I watch and listen, breathing gets slower and without a doubt someone’s head will suddenly pop up, they look around as if “where am I? what are we doing”? All I can do is smile and know they completely and totally let go…even for 30 seconds…they stopped and enjoyed that moment. The only moment.

Thank you so much for your writings. I love what you said: “succinct communication is inviting”. In my situation, inviting my classes to completely let go and be in this moment.