Hi Raam,
This post brings up a beautiful memory for me.
I am an art therapist and was engaged in a one on one session with a 6 year old who was a selective mute. When my supervisor first gave me her case, my goal was all about working towards her verbal communication. I became so fixated on this that after the first few sessions, I felt myself melting away with emotional exhaustion.

I realized through supervision meetings and self reflection that not only was I making our sessions about me, but I was also pushing her away.

My role was to provide a therapeutic presence, to facilitate her expression through art and to establish an environment where finally, someone was allowing her to own the control she chose to have over her speech.

I recall one moment much further into our sessions where we were sitting side by side, creating art together and she leaned her head against my arm. She then quickly looked up at me and we simultaneously smiled at each other. We continued to create for the remainder of the session in silence and comfort, with her head leaning against my arm

Sometimes less really is more. Moments where we can be emotionally present are a gift.

Thank you Raam for your writing and insight,