Raam, I’m thankful for one more reminder today (the day I’m reading your post for the first time) that saying less (and more) is a good goal to aim for.

You mentioned in your reply to Jeanie that you have no trouble staying above water when the conversations around you threaten to wash away your focus, because you process information and communication differently.

I find myself slightly jealous of this ability to quickly and easily sift through information and organize it in a clear way. If there is one thing in all my creative process that is ten times more difficult than the rest, it is this ability (or lack of it).

It’s precisely because it’s so challenging that I keep at it every possibly day. “That kind of clarity takes lots of practice.” When I feel like I’m behind the curve, this truth is all that really matters. That I practice.

Because I tend toward saying too much, my experiment this month in simplicity is going to be in communication, in saying more by saying less.

Thank you for your thoughts on this! I look forward to continuing to follow your thoughts!