Hi Terrisa,

Welcome, and thank you for sharing your thoughts here! 🙂

I do (usually) find it easy to block out external communication when I need to focus, but I certainly haven’t “perfected” doing so! There are still plenty of times when I feel overwhelmed by external stimuli and find the need to put on headphones. Sometimes even my own thoughts and ideas — my inner voice — becomes overwhelming and I feel like I’m going to suffocate underneath the weight of it all.

But that’s when I step back and let gravity pull that weight to the ground. I let go of any self-imposed expectations around what I should or shouldn’t be capable of handling. It helps to remember that we can’t possibly do everything or be everyone, but we can be ourselves. We don’t need to learn everything or know everyone. It’s OK to live exploring and creating from within a small subset of of existence, because within that small subset of existence exists eternity. 🙂