Hi Raam,
Your posts are always thought-provoking!
In the context of our own self expression and creativity, accepting “good enough” releases us to take the next step on our path, while all the time striving for “better”, or “more than”. In my own experience, trying to reach a non-existent “perfect” paralysed my creativity with a subconscious fear for half of my life, preventing me from moving beyond where I was: stuck fast in fear of not getting it right! Most of the time I didn’t even get started on creating my inspirations because of that fear.
Then I finally learned to draw a line – to set a boundary – between my conditioned false standards of perfectionism and my own standards. By setting my own standards, and conceding that my efforts were good enough, and that I was good enough too, I broke free from the tyranny of perfectionism, and haven’t looked back since.