Hi Gina Maybe there is nothing you can do. It might be that you may have to wait to see what it is you need.

Take my music for example. I have always loved to play music. The problem I couldn’t figure out a way to make music a bigger part of my life than a solo hobby. I looked at Antelope Valley College’s career center and found descriptions of all the job and careers that than existed in the music industry.

Basically I had three really big problems. One I wasn’t interested in what was the type(s) of music being promoted. Two my odds of being noticed were very slim because of my musical tastes, the location I needed to sty for my mothers’ sake and I’m legally blind and a bit frail looking for a man. None of these things made the odds very good. Three I was a cut throat-stab you in the back type of person. I can get angry and mean but I don’t have the personality to be one of those kind of guys. BTW I was also looking at commercial music.

Now some twenty years later I have just discovered that is is possible to create my own music or become an established cover artist using whatever instrument I wanted and that I can learn to produce, market, and promote it largely on an independent basis.

My point is that the passion might be there but not the means or the environment to see what is possible. Hopefully you won’t have to wait 20-30 years to see your dreams come true but It will be well worth the wait.