Hi Honour I hate to burst such a beautiful compliment but the reality was I didn’t really believe in myself. What I did have was simply a love of music and nothing else that I was good enough at doing that I like.

The other things is that doors haven’t opened up. But I have discovered one or two things over the years. Finding that I was allowed to perform on the street in Santa Cruz CA enabled me to play music for people and occasionally get some money in the tin. At that time I was playing Irish folk music on a soprano recorder treating it like it was an Irish tin whistle. I had been playing these tunes since I was about 17 years old. then in the summer 2008 I got my Native American flute. It took me another year before I had devised and tried out a few John Denver tunes I had loved as a kid or teenager. Well those are not doors.

But thanks for the compliment anyway and I am glad you find inspiration where I see none.