Hi Raam,
Over time:

I learned it is important to risk letting go something when it is ‘good enough, when enough is said or done, when pursuing the moment is no longer serving a higher purpose’.

I also learned that it is important to ‘dig in my teeth’ into an experience and continue with it when I know the experience intuitively is part of a greater purpose (it has an impact beyond me).

It is not always so clear when to let go and when to continue but by letting go either experience when I am in them often times I will be redirected to them by an event, by another person that occurs just after the letting go and I re engage.

Indeed, I am forever working on re adjusting my path in little ways like a pilot in flight. Sure that is the beauty of life – learning!

You know it is not so easy to explain these things. Bravo to you on your clarity of writing. I find it easier to speak about these things.

Enjoy a wonderful day,