Wow..I *love* your writing..when you focus more energy on it, I cannot imagine the result, but I’m excited for you!
As for darkness, I’ve learned to revel in it. I rise at 3am for ‘me’ time before work..and I love to be outside in the dark, looking at the moon and stars..I walk around the park adjacent to the marina. I find the dark like a comforting blanket. And when my eyes focus, it allows me great clarity, which I believe translates into clarity within as well..
I understand fear of unknown..I am currently in a stage of huge transformation and I’ve been uncharacteristically hesistant. For a while, I forgot to enjoy the process of creating and began to let doubt about the outcome shadow my progress. I did not want to step at all..lasted a few days, then nature came in and literally Wind gusted my little boat and said come, I’m stepping..into the very great unknown. Knowing there is always Light if I need it:) Can I run back home? Probably, but isn’t home where the heart is, where would I run to?? *grin*
Thank you for the inspiration!