Hey Raam, wonderfully written. It’s definitely tough walking through the darkness. But after some time, you start adapting. Your eyes adjust to the lack of light, you start relying on your other senses more, like sound and touch. Our body has tools to help us through the dark, but we have to know that they’re there, and learn how to use them.

This is my favorite line, “Life gives us a choice. We can sit around and wait for the light to shine on us or we can stand up and start searching for it. ”

Too many people are stuck waiting! The way I see myself now, more and more, is like a rock climber axe-picking her way up the cliff, held secure by a harness. There’s no marked path, only a cliff to scale. One looks for the best place to throw the pick and guide oneself upwards. Yes, it’s very frightening. At the same time, very liberating, and exciting. And well, I can’t wait to hit the top. ;D

I know your writing can only get better, so I can’t wait to see it transform!