You know, if your inner voice is telling you so strongly, maybe you should listen *but* also coax it into giving you those creative moments. Maybe it takes a little work on your part to create more of an environment and atmosphere where you experience just the right creativity. Sometimes, we have silly fears – I am the queen in this department – other times, it’s intuition telling us (just ask Angela :)), so figure out which is happening and I would never tell you to ignore your inner voice. But remember this also: When you let a routine go, say regular writing in this instance, it gets harder and harder to pick it back up the longer it goes. You will just not like it and you don’t need to go through that if you have ideas that are almost fully baked. Put it out there and create the zone to get you to the *good enough* part so all of you is ok with hitting *Publish*!
I can’t wait to see your evolution, dear Raam. Keep at it – and remember, our friend, meditation too.