Even within the second used to take this breath, a moment has gone. But the gentle vibration of that breath passes on to the next and gently inspires the vibration and breath of the next moment, the next and the next…

Every moment is the make up of the ones before, the vibration of those moments & experiences composes the delicate sweetness of being alive.

You see, what’s so absolutely precious about life is that moments never last…what a gift!

I just visualized life like a pool of vibrations, mixing, blending, giving rise to the next while creating a completely different moment to work from, it’s like getting a fresh new canvas to paint with each time.

What a gift to know that the good and bad moments cease while ever so delicately vibrate until they blend with the new…what an experience to live life with the knowing that each new moment is a sweet whisper and loving gesture from the universe and a constant reminder that all things change, grow, and rise up to all it is meant to be.

The hang up with all this, is attaching ourselves to the past moments as if that was all there is left (good or bad) and not seeing the limitlessness of the next. We weigh ourselves down, dreaming about what was instead of seeing this moment has a doorway to create more wonderful moments, to create more blissful vibrations!

The secret is to have the awareness and wisdom too see that this moment is all new and all expansive, while only giving a slight nod to the gift of that last breath (that nod is the gratitude). Do you see what I mean? Thats when wisdom comes in, where we have to have the insight to discern the two.

Understanding the emptiness of moments is beautiful, it is expensive, and alive. I suppose there is no clear way to describe the delicacies of life. For me, it is all pure splendor.