You’re most welcome, Sayantan. 🙂 I was thinking about doing it for a long time too. I had lots of “friends” on my Facebook Profile, but I wasn’t using Facebook to really keep in touch with any of them (except for the occasional Facebook message, which can be replaced by email).

For me, it was a simple recognition of how I used my time on Facebook: I could either spend lots of time just ‘browsing’ and looking for something interesting to read, or I could spend that time connecting face-to-face with the people around me and creating work that I want to share with others (which the Facebook page accomplishes).

I had already started training myself not to “waste” time on Facebook, to not waste time scrolling through my profile timeline. However, on occasion I would “accidentally” find myself there, “lurking”, until I recognized how unproductive and wasteful it was being with my time.

Social networks should allow us to “network” with others, to connect with them. Many of them, including Facebook, “enable” that, but they don’t actually create an environment that fosters connection. Instead, they create an environment that fosters lurking, casual browsing, and really just wasting time by having our attention stolen by an endless stream of stimulation.

No thanks! I’d rather be proactive with how I use my time and focus on real connecting. Even email messages create more connection than Facebook. (I’m slowing pulling back to the point where I only communicate via email and through these comments here on my site, both places where I feel the deepest connection with those I’m communicating with.)