Well, I guess it depends on how you rate your mediums of connection. Email certainly isn’t “one-way”. I guess for myself, I see the “socializing” that I do as being one-to-one anyway. I prefer direct (perhaps even private) communication over more general, open, and “social” communication.

Even when I’m writing these comment replies here on my site, I’m not thinking about the fact that they’re public. To me, they’re a direct reply to the person I’m responding to and in my mind, when I’m responding, that’s how I treat them.

I’m not at all interested in abandoning social networks. I think following that route is embracing a scarcity mindset (or just taking the easy way out). If the people interested in staying connected with me are present on multiple social networks, then I will be present on multiple social networks as well (especially since I’m also an author who is creating and sharing the work I create).

With Facebook, it just got to the point where it was silly to have a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page. I rarely used the Profile and it was just a distraction more than anything else. The Facebook Page I actually enjoyed sharing through and connecting with people on because it was clearly on a level that felt more in tune with my presence there (to share the work I created, not to stay in touch with close friends; I can, and do, stay in touch with friends via email, phone, and in person). Again, I think it has a lot to do with how we individually socialize and connect.

On the subject of LinkedIn, I just treat it as an online resume. I very rarely login into LinkedIn and I never receive emails or notifications from the site (I’ve disabled them all, as I have with all social networks).