Couldn’t agree with you more Raam. Wonderfully written. I did the same… deleted my personal profile and left only my blog’s fan page.

However, some 4 months later, I reactivated my profile. There are some people, not many, who are somewhere between being a friend and a contact… or in another way, they are “distant” friends, or friends from the past, who I would probably keep in touch by writing a seldom email and eventually maybe forget. But we do share nice memories and fb is an easy way of seeing how they are and write them an occasional line.

And then there is a ton of things I don’t like about fb, including degradation of true friendship.

I would still like to get rid of my profile, but I’m worried that I’ll lose contact with those precious people from the past. Which might just be the way it should be. So delete my profile, or not? I don’t know, I tried it… I missed some people. Now I’m back… not liking fb. Hard to decide. Guess the answer will come at some point.