I’m worried that I’ll lose contact with those precious people from the past. Which might just be the way it should be.

That’s the way it should be. That’s the conclusion I kept arriving at whenever I thought about how I’m using my time. It may feel nice to see what distant friends are up to, but what value does that add to my life, or to the life of my distant friend, or to our barely-existent relationship? None.

The only value being added is going to Facebook because those pointless actions (occasionally ‘Liking’ something, or just scrolling and clicking around) is increasing the metrics they can use for marketing and playing with numbers (yes, they record everything you do on there, down to where your mouse pointer sits on the screen).

A far more productive use of my time would be growing the connections with the people who are already in my life, those people who I don’t need Facebook to ‘stay in touch with’.

If I always lived in fear of ‘losing touch’ with people, I would be taking away from what I can give to the relationships around me. A scarcity mindset never improves quality, or abundance. 🙂