Hey Raam, I have to disagree with you on this one. I see no difference in the depth of my close friendships between now and before I used social networks. If someone is important to me then I will ensure quality contact and time is spent with them and no amount of social networking will ever change that.

Yes I do have more “contacts” but as I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to inspiring others to follow their dreams and face their fears I’ve found that my connection with people from my past and even those that I just consider acquaintances has seen me hear from people unexpectedly to tell me that my words or my sharing of other people’s content (like yours!) has inspired them to make positive changes in their lives. People I didn’t even know were reading my blog or looking at my Facebook profile.

For this reason, I would never delete my Facebook profile or delete people I know longer have a lot of contact with from it. I believe that my purpose in this world is to shine as brightly as I can and for me social networks help me share love and wisdom much farther than the good ole days ever did.