That was bad wording on my part in my previous comment. It’s not that I value the ‘connections’ more here, it’s that I value my own investment here higher than I value my investment on social networks. There are a few reasons for that:

1) When people come here and comment on something that I’ve created, something that I’ve obviously put thought and soul into sharing, it is a clear indication that they’re investing time in connecting with me on something that I created and shared. They’re giving me a slice of their time. (On social networks, such ‘connecting’ is often far more passive, with far less investment… clicking ‘Like’ or writing a one-sentence comment is not as much of an investment.)

2) I consciously choose to invest my time here, in the comments on my site. I could choose to invest an equal amount of time and energy on the social networks, but I couldn’t possibly do both (and if I tried, the quality of both would certainly be degraded). I’ve made a conscious choice to prioritize where I invest my time and energy. Right now, ranked from most to least investment, that list looks like this: face-to-face -> email -> site comments -> social networks. And I created that prioritization based on where I felt that I personally received the most return for my investment. 🙂