Can’t agree more with the article that “Friends are more than Contacts”.

However, Facebook is just a tool that we use to connect with people. If our concept of ‘Friends’ is not strong, any other tools could blur this understanding as well (the previous accused were mobile phones).

So instead of deleting Facebook account/profile, why not take a step back and re-think what does ‘Friends’ means. This will solidify our understanding.

The key is not to be attached to the tool. But to use the tool where it can serve its functions. Facebook is a great tool to connect ‘Contacts’ together more than just ‘Friends’. We develop friendships with people at different time of our life while the other group of people, we just know them briefly. However, ‘Contacts’ in the present does not mean that we will not evolve into ‘Friends’ in the future so I don’t see why harp on having too many ‘Contacts’?

Facebook allows sharing of our ideas and inspiring thoughts to the circle of people (Friends & Contacts or Fans) we built. Regardless if our sharing is being appreciate or not (likes or no like), isn’t it wonderful to be able to share?

The term ‘Friends’ in Facebook is really just a word of several characters. You could see it as ‘Friends’ literally and qualifies only real friends should be included in this list or you could see it as just a circle of people that you know who would be able to enjoy what you have to share with them through this tool.

I think we have a choice on how we use a tool for its function without being emotionally attached to it. More importantly, to know clearly within us what Friends are.