Hey Raam thanks so much for your reply and clarification. I can see that the point you were making is that “social networks currently encourage not being conscious about how we interact with others, so it’s something we need to watch out for.” and it’s not that I missed or misunderstood this point, I simply disagree with it.

Even you say “obviously” you know the distinction between your mother and your friends. Isn’t that the case for everyone? So if that is true does the fact that Facebook doesn’t make the distinction really mean that we will be encouraged to be less conscious and that we must watch out for it? Personally I don’t think so.

Comments like: “social networks are severely degrading what it means to have ‘friends’ and that they’re slowly, friend-by-friend, psychologically training us to believe that ‘friend’, ‘contact’, and ‘acquaintance’ are all same.” to me implies that we are stupid enough to forget the difference just because Facebook doesn’t make the distinction. I disagree.

Personally I believe that when we blame social networks for a possible lack of consciousness and a degradation of our ability to distinguish between friend, contact and acquaintance, we belittle our own intelligence.

In terms of a profile and a fan page, I have decided to have both precisely because I choose to consciously connect differently (on Facebook) with my friends and family than I do with my “fans”.

Thank you for this thought-provoking piece 🙂