As cool as Facebook is in concept, and as great as even that type of connecting is for many people, I long for a simpler way of life, more communal. Once we’ve lived with network powered social stuff for a while, perhaps we’ll learn how to use is better, and which things are better accomplished in the real world.

That there’s a lot of noise online especially the hubs like facebook, doesn’t mean there isn’t a signal buried somewhere. But the signal would always trace back to something real, somewhere, a person with a vision, people with a goal that connects with your aspirations for yourself and your world.

I hope the best thing we’re learning from the internet is how to cope with noise, what is really important, and how to find it the noise. Without the noise perhaps we would have never have learned to be truly discerning.

For all the connection, sometimes I have felt so lonely, knowing that with all the possibility, nothing more than what has ever happened between me and others is happening.

Then, as publishers, the scarcity gremlin has us interacting for that ulterior motive, that chandelier mirage.

So I can just disable by profile and my page will still be there?