I hear what you’re saying, Ali. Social networks of this scale, and connecting power of this magnitude, are so new to our species. It will take some time before we learn the best way to use them. In the meantime, I think the best thing we can do is continue to experiment consciously.

I also feel that your points about the signal within the noise and the way noise is actually helping us improve our power of discernment is also very true. We are creatures of harmony, that’s why music is so appealing to us. Given noise, we will always gravitate towards something that is more harmonious and probably the biggest advantage of all the noise generated by the Internet is that it forces us to think and consider things we wouldn’t otherwise think about or consider. (“How many of these posts on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Blogs are adding value to my life?”)

Any time I start feeling a sense of loneliness from all the noise, I switch back to thinking about the physical world, about how all the people on the Internet, all the noise and knowledge and information being shared and passed around, is actually being created, shared, and passed around by real human beings (well, most of it anyway). I think about the billions of people on Earth who are going about the daily motions of life, dealing with all the same basic necessities that I deal with (eating, sleeping, defecating, learning, working, moving, etc.).

Then I come full circle and realize that as a creative, I have the power to share things with all those people, people that I have never met and may never meet, and that my message, or what I share, may very well change their life for the better. (The next comment I’m going to reply to was left by Anonymous, asking for help.)