In Plato’s discourse about the cave, man is situated backward, compelled to face what is behind, what is past, where on the back wall of the cave, the shadows of the future dance.

I’m reading a discussion of this image by Luce Irigaray, and having all sorts of amazing ideas. It’s not a prompt one hears often – to look to the past and disregard the future… (to grossly simplify) almost completely the opposite.
But something I’ve become more and more convinced of is that the future / end is something we create, rather than something we encounter.
And knitting is a perfect metaphor for that. – the end result – in our case, a lifetime, a body of work, a life lived – is not something one has to get to, it is not a destination. We don’t happen upon it haphazardly. Instead we are actively creating it with each action, with each stitch.
Like the shadows of the future that move, soundlessly, as though requiring interpretation, on the back of Plato’s cave; the future holds every potential. The coil of yarn can become anything.
The past – that which we have already created – is all we know, tangibly. The point of focused energy, the force-contact is the moment of Now. The current stitch. This is where we not only connect the past to the future, but actively create it, form it, sculpt the shape of our lives.

What a beautiful image you’ve created, the idea of time, of our days, as a latent coil of thread, shining, and we the weavers.