I read somewhere in the past year that we should do all the crazy stuff when we’re young because the older we get the more afraid of taking risks we will become. I’m still young, but having turned 30 this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about that point.

Up until now, it seems the older I’ve gotten the less afraid I’ve become. However, I do feel my sense of adventure — my need to ‘see’ and ‘do’ — ever so slowly fading. Will I really be less likely to take risks the older I get?

I do wonder if it has less to do with breaking habits and more to do with an appreciation for life itself, or if it has to do with acceptance and hard-headedness. If we maintain a childlike sense of curiosity and an open mind, doesn’t our age just become a source of experience, a well of wisdom from which we can take action?

For me at least, maintaining a constant awareness of my physical mortality has given me the strength and motivation to continue not taking things for granted and to maintain the motivation necessary to continue releasing the ever-increasing weight of closed mindedness.