Excellent words, Raam. Collectively we are all One, but as One, each “one” of us can move the mountains and in fact it is the only way mountains will ever be moved. Instead of shirking our personal responsibilities as citizens of the globe and blindly handing them off to groups, organizations and governments, we must take the “bulls” by the horns ourselves. How many revolutions have begun with one individual? As you so eloquently state that “we were so disconnected”, it reminded me of our chat over a couple of beers here in Georgetown: it struck me when you stated how for the first time in history, OUR history would be accessible on the net forever, so to speak, and how our ancestors would be able to so effortlessly learn of our ideas and creativity. And it brings to mind the gist of your article, to me, in that we are now so connected that the power of “one” can be multiplied overnight into bold and powerful action. Thanks, my good man, Peace & Love ~ Ricky