Electronic products with a 1 or 2 year shelf-life is one of my biggest pet peeves. We already have the technical know-how and the materials necessary to create electronic products that last 10-20 years easily. The problem is, it’s not in the best interest of those whose only interest is profit. That’s why I treat my electronics like things I will be keeping for 10 years. I take care of them and I don’t upgrade unnecessarily. If I do upgrade, my used-but-like-new electronics get resold.

Governments and corporations are made up of individual people. If enough individuals change, the governments and corporations will follow. It’s when individuals don’t care that governments and corporations are left to own and end up making choices that negatively effect society in the longrun. The bottom line is, more of us need to care about our individual choices.

I think Ayurvedic medicine is a perfect example of how we’ve overcomplicated so many areas of science and ignored some of the greatest wisdom available all in the name of ego and money.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, Andrew!