Tal, I’ve put a lot of thought into this every time I fly. One of the reasons I travel slowly is because I don’t think I could feel OK with flying every month or two. When I do fly, it’s strategic: to cross an ocean or because the timing requires faster transport. Otherwise, I always opt for public transit: trains and busses.

This year I’m going to purchase carbon offsets for all my flying. (I’ll probably go with TerraPass.) I think at the very least that’s something we should all be doing. The money to purchase carbon offsets goes directly towards projects that reduce carbon output, such as wind farms and solar installations.

In the longer-term, I’d really like to see more attention put into improving the efficiency of flying. Right now it’s only slightly better to drive somewhere than it is to fly, and that doesn’t even take into account all the extra pollution you’d generate as a result of longer travel time (eating along the way, staying at hotels, etc.). Maybe I should start an airline with a focus on sustainability. I imagine there must be ways to improve flying, both from an operational perspective and from a mechanical perspective.