Hi Matt,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the work you do.

You mentioned that everyone could eat meat sustainably if it wasn’t produced industrially. That may be true, but is that realistic? With the direction the world is moving, is it realistic to work towards sustainable meat production? Would it not make more sense to remove meat from our diet wherever possible (where meat is not the only method of obtaining nutrition, as it is for some remote cultures)?

I also question the reasoning behind supporting the continuation of meat in our diets: Why? Just because we want it? At this point in history, should we not be looking at practical ways to reduce our energy expenditure and make use of the science that shows meat-based diets increase the probability of so many diseases?

I agree with you on engaging in “resource jujitsu” and using our extraordinary resources consciously and for activities that move the world forward (as opposed to engaging in nothing more than entertainment and money-making). As I mentioned in my reply to James, access to knowledge should be a human right. The technology we do create should be built with longevity in mind (as I mentioned in my reply to Andrew).

We have the know-how to begin working on long-term sustainable solutions to nearly everything. What needs to change is our foresight and purpose: Right now so much is about making money. So much of our focus is short-term (one lifetime at the most). We need to shift that focus into the longer-term and that’s why I feel asking a question like “Is this sustainable for humanity?” helps individuals make choices that move things in that direction.