I couldn’t agree with you more about how so much of the general sound is about making money, expanding, growing. Eternal growth is cancer and cannot be sustained.

You wrote:

You mentioned that everyone could eat meat sustainably if it wasn’t produced industrially. That may be true, but is that realistic? ——————– of course it is realistic. There is a real grassroots paradigm shift happening around food all over this country and in Europe. That can spread. It is also in competition with a much uglier food system that we know about.

With the direction the world is moving, is it realistic to work towards sustainable meat production? ———Yes, because consumption of meat isn’t going away.

Would it not make more sense to remove meat from our diet wherever possible (where meat is not the only method of obtaining nutrition, as it is for some remote cultures)? ——– The meat that should be removed from our diets is the meat that is poison. The meat that is poison comes from animals that are fed stale gummi bears, grains, and the processed feces of other animals. Sadly their are cows, pigs and chickens that are forced to endure this…and worse.

I also question the reasoning behind supporting the continuation of meat in our diets: Why? Just because we want it? At this point in history, should we not be looking at practical ways to reduce our energy expenditure and make use of the science that shows meat-based diets increase the probability of so many diseases? ———— The science on this is deeply incomplete. But more and more research is being done that reflects a different health reality. What was only a few years ago considered the gold standard – The China Study – has now been totally debunked and Campbell has had to recant some of his skewed research.He has been shown to be a philosophical advocate as opposed to a good or complete scientist in regard to diet. The fact of the matter is that for 2 1/2 million years humans and proto-humans ate meat as a preferred food source. Once agriculture came in we got smaller and sicker and the diseases of civilization came into human culture. Meat from animals that have led lives either totally in nature or closely replicating what would have been found in nature are good for human health and do not cause disease. We would not be who we are today without that meat.

This is part of the process of using reason towards our resource jui-jitsu at every level we must consume any resource. Thanks for writing back. Hope this finds you well.