Now that you present those questions for me to think about, I think it actually has far more to do with my past history of being shy and not wanting to stand out. Which is even more silly, but that’s the truth.

I say this only because as my income has increased dramatically over the past year, I’ve been much more willing (because I’m able?) to donate and give to others. Just yesterday I donated $10 to the developer of a free WordPress plugin because I wanted to show my support for his work (and because I use the plugin here on this site). I’ve also made about two dozen other donations to various people this year.

I feel that if I was more certain about where to donate larger sums that I would be doing that as well. (I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve narrowed down two organizations (Nepal FREED and BlinkNow) that I plan to make big donations to before the end of the year.

So, back to street musicians. I think it was probably more a social thing, more a remnant of my shy past, an artifact of my introverted personality that has yet to be addressed. I’m good at setting an example regardless of how much I stand out, but only when I’m 110% sure of myself. Now I’m 110% sure about donating to street musicians. 🙂

Thanks for the food for thought!